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26 Sep

Long weekend excitement.

It’s the Queens Birthday next Monday which means LONG WEEKEND! I cannot wait! I’m going to go and stay in a beautiful beach side manor house in Margaret River with eight friends and we are going to do some sight seeing, visit the wineries and get really messy once the sun goes down. The house is amazing, it’s fairly modern and has an awesome view of the ocean which we can appreciate from one of the three balconies… yes three. Really scored with this one. I’ve got a bunch of new clothes to try on too so pictures will be coming soon. 

19 Sep

still life with fat girl: fat women



what are your feelings about the term bbw? positive?negative? why?

i personally hate it and am just wondering other womens thoughts

I’m not a fan for me personally but I know that it has it’s uses for fat sex workers to market themselves (if…

I can understand a lot of the negative connotations associated with the term BBW but for me I am glad it exists. It can be really, really, really hard sometimes to stay body positive when you’re overweight and one thing that has always cheered me up is knowing that there are literally thousands of people out there who think that my size is sexy, so sexy they watch porn that features people just like me. It gives me a confidence boost as well knowing that not every guy is going to shoot me down for being ‘too fat’ and that it is actually possible that when I walk down the street and someone wolf whistles they’re not doing it ironically. 

18 Sep

Jacket - ASOS Curve
Shorts - City Chic
Tights - Razzmatazz Curvaceous
Jewellery - Lovisa
Top - Crossroads

This jacket is love. This jacket is life. This jacket is… too big for me. Well dag dammit Cleatus. I don’t know why I keep buying jackets that are too big for me. I double checked my measurements and everything so now I am just going to buy a new tape measure. According to mine I am a 26 in most stores however what I need to start buying is 22-24 sizes. It will probably happen that the next time I buy something it will be too small now but such are the dangers of online shopping. I would return them but living in Australia means the shipping fees just aren’t worth it, I could buy a new one and it would cost me less. Anyway rant over.

Some of you might remember my post about hunting for the perfect shorts and for a few days I thought these babies might have answered my prayers but alas it was not to be. They are a lovely wash and they are comfy but they stretch out around the bum too easily which isn’t very flattering and they ride up a little at the crotch which makes me uncomfortable wearing them without tights and man, tights just aren’t going to fly in Western Australia when Summer hits. 42 degrees celcius and tights is suicide… or at least a cry for help.

Spring is coming first though, which means I need to start looking for some bathers that rock. I already snagged an awesome tye dye kaftan from City Chic. I am not a big fan of the heat but I do love the beach and once summer hits I know my friends and I will all find excuses to go at least once a week until March. That much beach time means my bathers never last more than a season. The hunt begins.

12 Sep

Top - New Look
Jacket - New Look
Jeans - City Chic
Necklace - Ebay

So I took these at midnight after I’d been out. I wish I’d had the time to take them before when nothing was crumpled. The jacket is a size or two too big for me which is a real bummer but it was so cheap it’s not worth paying to have it shipped back and exchanged. I might even just buy it again in a smaller size. Had a lovely dinner out at Hans Cafe with friends I haven’t caught up with for months. Now it’s time to kick back and watch a few episodes of Orange is the New Black.

08 Sep

(Source: poshshoppe)

08 Sep

Dress - New Look 
Knit Cardigan - New Look
Shoes - Betts

Wore this gorgeous dress out for dinner with friends. Really easy to dress this one up or down and it’s shimmery fabric means it can translate nicely from day to night. The only issue I have with the dress is that it can bunch up a little above the bust sometimes. 

To be honest I thought this dress was going to be way too short for me when it arrived but with stocking I feel pretty damn fabulous in it. Looking forward to wearing it again as I got some nice compliments.

22 Aug

The perfect shorts.

Perfect shorts are like my own personal unicorn. I’ve never been able to find a pair that don’t bulge at the crotch, don’t lose their elastic within an hour and aren’t too long or short. The closest I have come is two pairs of stretch jean shorts from Mink Denim that are lovely but a little too long.

Maybe I just need to learn how to sew? 

22 Aug

Big weekend incoming!

This weekend will surely be a big one for me. Lots of pictures coming!

14 Aug

Shirt & Singlet - New Look
Skinny Jeans - City Chic
Boots - Novo

My whole day today was going to be spent at a library pouring over various journal articles so I needed something comfy but I also wanted to wear something that looked nice as it’s far too often the case that I spend a day in the library looking like a half-dressed madwoman. Note to fellow comfort fiends: If you can’t remember when you last washed that hoodie, you probably shouldn’t wear it out.

Anyway my favorite thing about this outfit is the shoes. They’re just so lovely and part of a shoe spree I went on the other day where I spent all my money but managed to pick up these and another pair of boots for $50. I was surprised since I am a 10-11 AUS shoe size so it’s often hard to find much that interests me. My faith in Harbour Town (outlet shopping center) is officially renewed. Since it’s winter I paired all this with my brand new button up baseball jacket that I forgot to take a picture of.

08 Aug

My Plus Size Shopping Bible

It can be difficult for the inexperienced to find online stores that are reputable and have a good selection of plus sized clothing. This is just a list of the more popular ones I have found. I am always on the lookout for a new store though so please drop me a line if you have any suggestions. Please note a couple of these may only ship to Australia. Happy hunting!

Stylish Plus
Dream Diva
The Iconic
New Look (my current favourite)
Forever 21
Cult of California
Simply Be
H & M

I hope you guys got some great ideas!